In a nutshell

Not everyone likes working with numbers as it takes a lot of time to figure out how the things should be, especially, if you have no experience in it. In this blog, I will share my know-how in accountancy and taxes in Switzerland, so I hope it will help you to understand it better if you want to do your accountancy yourself.


Accounting has a wide scope of tasks which must be done. Besides to the Balance Sheet and P&L sheet, it would be great if you would also have a cashflow analysis. I’m going to explain those things in a simple way. Even if you don’t have to precede an accountancy for the government, you should do it for yourself.

Software or Excel

Next important question is how will you make your accounting – will an excel sheet be enough or a software is necessary?

Taxes for self-employed

When I say I am an accountant the first question I’m asked is how do the taxes work in Switzerland. How can I make the taxes declaration if I’m self-employed? And a lot of other questions regarding this topic.


And this topic is very interesting for me as accounting is changing very fast at the moment. How it will look like in the future, how should we manage the changes in line with Big Data Management.

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